How to Have More Fun Playing The Ukulele

Currently, I am learning how to play the Ukulele and I am loving it. As I don’t have any proper music education and I am just learning off youtube tutorials and Tab charts the tips I am giving are to be taken with a grain of salt. πŸ™‚

However, in the past six months, by changing the way I practice and trying new things I have learned and improved a lot. In addition, this past week I feel like I have passed a threshold. Playing seems easier, more fun and, I felt like sharing what helped me reach that point.

  1. Learn the Scales (or Just Some)

    I put this one as my first tip because I wish someone had told me about scales before. Without basic knowledge of music, it can be a little bit hard to wrap your head around it. However, even understanding just the bare minimum will help you understanding how notes and keys work.
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    In addition, if you know a few scales it will help you with learning how to solo on top of songs. For example, even though I don’t even know all the scales by heart just being more familiar with them helped me tab out a small part of the song “City of Stars” from La La Land. This made me so proud haha. Ukutabs, is a great website to learn how to play the ukulele and it provides a very large database for ukulele scales. So if you are interested in finding out more about these I suggest you go have a look at this page –>Β

  2. Allowing Yourself to Solo

    You might not yet master scales perfectly, 60015712 birdbut you are getting a feel for them (as am I) and what better way to reach greatness than to practice? Thus, even though you might not feel ready yet, allow yourself to try and solo, find a little personal riff. It is so much fun to integrate riffs in chord progressions, and in my opinion, it accelerates progress!

  3. Don’t Keep it All to Yourself, Play with Someone Else!

    So that’s a hard one, at least for me. I always yearned to play with other people whether it was guitar or ukulele but since I never used to play outside of my room, I was both shy and unable to spontaneously adapt myself to others. However, since I have slowly started to get accustomed to some scales it has become easier to play with others. Playing with someone teaches you so much more as you can share knowledge and experiment with new things that you wouldn’t have tried alone.
    It is so much fun to play with another person especially when you get to the point where you feel like you are both on the same level. Music just flows.

  4. Challenge Yourself

    Try to practice songs with chords you don’t know, try and experiment with different chord shapes even if it hurts or you have to be slow for awhile. I find that it is great practice for your fingers and it will increase your repertoire. In addition, if you are the type to write songs, it will give you more possibilities!

  5. Play in The Sunshine by The Water (Outdoor in General)

    Do I need to explain?

  6. No Pressure

    Stop judging yourself because you think you are not as good as other people out there. You are learning! It’s ok. Don’t let that idea stop you from playing. How did these people you admire get better at the instrument they master? By playing it over and over again!

  7. Be Silly

    Sometimes you are going to hit a plateau and it’s okay, chill. Like I said in point 6. no need for pressure. Make-up chord progressions maybe add silly words to it, sing about your love for milk and your disgust for anything fishy haha (I hate fish).Β  Have a laugh.

    Colorful Case on A sunny DayHave a look at my Instagram πŸ™‚

These are my tips, it helped me, I hope it can help you πŸ™‚

Also, check Cynthia Lin’s tutorials out, they’re great!




A wise squirrel

Standing in front of this old black car, I feel nervous. I need to get out of here, sit behind the wheel and drive. I am standing between two poles surrounded by two cars. One is mine, the other one and its passengers I expect to leave soon. Anytime now. I am waiting. They are laughing but no movement occurs. I feel stuck when I should be moving.

Do you know this feeling when you are aware that you need to take action but you are not only scared of failing, you are also terrified of succeeding? This is what I feel standing between these two poles, trying to build up the courage to get into that car and go. The irony here is that although I strongly believe that it is time for me to drive away, IΒ  actually don’t know how to. It is one of these plans that I have made but never came around to actually realize.

Almost twenty-three years old and without a driver’s license.

I never thought it mattered but right now I blame myself for not trying hard enough.
“You can do this Nina!” I naively encourage myself. It is difficult to start the engine because it keeps moving forward, but, slowly, I somehow seem to gain control and manage to go forth. There is no sense of danger as I drive through narrow streets covered in brown autumn leaves.


The floor is covered with trees’ dead ornaments and it seems as if fall’s brown foliage has been laid out just for me to pass on.Β  My driving is unsure, the car doesn’t go in a straight line, but it is alright. I am fine. An ex-coworker randomly passes through. She seems thrilled to see me achieve this miracle. “Are you self-taught?” she asks excitedly… Yes, I am! I am self-taught! I have conquered this issue, freed myself from the chains that were holding me back and here I am cruising away.

I don’t notice it at first but my car has turned into a bicycle. Why? I remember that my coworker didn’t know how to ride a bike… Does that explain the transformation? It doesn’t matter. I keep riding. Cycling my way through the streets. The fallen leaves have turned everything brown. Still, I notice this little squirrel lying on the floor. It seems dead yet I know it lives.

This small animal has given up on life. I won’t let it die. Without stopping I communicate with the suicidal creature and order it not to give up. As if my word is law, as if all of this is magic, as if I am insane and it is all just happening in my head, the squirrel understands. Without arguing, the rodent agrees. That was easy…wasn’t it?

This is all absurd but simultaneously the situation seems to convey some truth to me when the squirrel explains that “Everyone feels suicidal once in awhile, they just need someone to tell them not to die.”

Obviously, this was all a dream.
I woke up feeling like it must have had some kind of meaning.