Advertising My Instagram

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I haven’t written in awhile, I got frustrated, I had this idea that seemed awesome inside my brain but I just didn’t seem to know how to make it happen. Actually, I know exactly what my problem is but I can’t fix it for now….

However, I am working on something else, and I want to make it right, thus it is taking me time to come up with new blog posts. Nevertheless, I happen to post more often on my Instagram (maybe not that much more haha) and so I was thinking that maybe I could redirect my few followers onto it.Β  –>

It would actually make me very happy to have more followers and I think it could be motivating. Sorry for the shameless advertisement but I mean, why not?

Why should you follow me on Insta?

  • I post boring landscape pictures, boring but nice
  • I post Ukulele related pics, Uke fans I am calling you! (There is going to be some music in the next few weeks)
  • I travel. I don’t post fancy travel-blogger pictures, just simple snippets of things that might have caught my eye.

It is nothing much but I would appreciate it greatly if some of you would check @confusedst!


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