Three’s a charm

John kept imagining things…
I wish I was as inventive as him,
Dreaming of the flight of a dove.
I should be less centered on my heart,
Seeing what I believe could be the future
Painting my vision of love.

Did you know what I would become?

The world is looking for peace,
Humanity is praying for relief….
Forgive my selfish soul
For there’s this Town on my thoughts.
While you want to grow as a population
I keep going back to a delusion.

With no way of returning
No keys to the gates,
Who can tell if I’ve ever really been to this place?

It seems you’ve always left me at the door,
In my head I thought I hit the core,
Blindly hoping there’ll be a ‘once more’.
While kings are fighting for rights,
All I got are these blue eyes.

In silence I chant: Three’s a charm
There will be another chance.
Three’s a charm
He’ll be back again.

Three’s a charm – by confusedst 10/06/17

Circular argument

It is a story like so many before,
you’ve heard it once
Let me tell it once more.

Boy meets girl, fancies and seduces her.
Girl meets boy, and is won over.

Obvious rhymes, obvious lines,
that’s all this tale is about.
The signs are there for players to see.
Bright, colorful and clear.
Still, willingly,
they close their eyes.

Don’t be mistaken, it is all illusion
Winners only exist in perceptions.
Clocks keep ticking as time is fleeting,
People heal, hope and stumble again

Girl meets boy, fancies and charms him.
Boy meets girl, falls under her spell…
Sounds familiar?
you’ve heard it all before.



A Ukulele in Zagreb and Some Words

Colours on a Grey Day
Lost Inspiration
Little Blue Ukulele    


Looking for the right strings
Words in images
Meaning in sounds

Melting is the inspiration

In the lifeless cold
Faded colours mirror the soul

There’s beauty in the
On which confused spirits


A Song: When You Know

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The struggle

I have wanted to write a song for a while now, I knew which chords I wanted to use but somehow rhythm and lyrics didn’t come to me easily. For weeks I felt frustrated as if there was something stuck in me that I needed to push out somehow.

Of course, it’s like anything when you try and force something to happen, it doesn’t. Another thing is, these last weeks I have been feeling really happy and fulfilled. I am traveling around, I have been in Budapest and Zagreb and right now I am back in France.

Although all of this cropped-argh.jpgis awesome, I have noticed that my creativity (
Gee that sounds pretentious) really depends on my mood and is at its peak when I feel upset. I have mentioned this in an older post Music is The (my) Answer to Everything. So it is somehow frustrating because I still want to be creative when I am happy but I just don’t know how.

Can someone help??

As I was leaving Zagreb to go home for Christmas, I left someone I deeply love behind. Even though I know we will be reunited soon, it felt difficult to leave him due to things that have happened between us in the past.

Driving past frostbitten landscape I couldn’t help but feel a little bit lonely. However, as my thoughts wandered I realized that paradoxically the reason why I felt so lonely in that moment, is because I actually have someone that I love and who loves me back… it inspired me because it calmed some of the doubts that I had about this relationship.

Finally, I came up with lyrics, a few days later I came up with a melody. I like it, it’s not genius, but it’s how I feel and I wanted to share it. Enjoy the CHEESINESS haha.

Where he sits, is where you sleep
His head on your shoulder
While on his lap, you stretch your legs
He brings you comfort, your bring him warmth
And any place becomes a home

That’s when you know
If an hour away seems to long
That’s when you know
As just a thought can make you smile
That’s when you feel from deep within
You can look at tomorrow with him…. 

A poet once said
Distance is to love
What wind is to fire
A breeze threatened their flames
But seamlessly stronger, the fire grew
It cannot be extinguished nor tamed
As they united more than flesh
No doubts remained

When you not scared of the work ahead
When you’re ready, when you want it
That’s when you know it is right …. He is right

My roof is leaking

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My roof    is
leaking Grey   over   our
heads  Water  filled  pillows
under  My   roof    is    leaking  Darker
Heavy        pump  in    my    chest    Heavy
ceiling      Cracks  in     the    wall Running
My  roof  is  leaking
Humid   Teary   curtains   drop   From
top  to   ground   My  roof  is  leaking
Wet    Torrent  of  textile   fringes
black     blanket     Covers
sulking bodies Breeched
skull soaked and numb
My        roof       was
L   E  A K I  N  G
R          E          D

It’s been a year…


Aimer Marie

Melodies of sad days echo in our hearts
Away our careless laughter
Remain the sound of loss
Incessant beating to a disharmonious rhythm
Eternal search for a muted voice

Away the innocent times of our rising lives
Innocent and loud now quiet and aware
Memories of our youth fade
Escape into a lost composition of notes
Remain the sound of loss

lonely and still