The Museum of Broken Relationships

My last post wasn’t a hopeful poem, it was about how sometimes love seems to be this vicious cycle of hope, joy, disenchantment and heartache. I know it is not always the case, but I think everyone would agree upon the fact that it can sometimes be quite easy to let yourself fall into pessimism. I was thinking about my bad experiences, about those of my friends and couldn’t help but feel like a sad ending is almost always inevitable.

Good question Jess, good question!

Right now, I am feeling way more positive about love because I am having a good day and I am training myself to focus less on the negative and more on the bright side of things. This is important as there is no point in expecting the worst when things are going great unless you are planning on sabotaging your happiness.

However, these thoughts and this poem, stuck with me and made me curious about people’s love stories, how they started, how they went and how they ended. As I am in Zagreb at the moment, I remembered that it is the home of a rather peculiar but also really touching museum called the Museum of Broken Relationships.

I felt like this was the ideal place for me to go with all my thoughts, doubts and clouded judgments about the past and the future and it truly was. It was not only a fun experience that I shared with my boyfriend, it was actually really moving and a boost creatively speaking. It felt empowering at times, hopeful but also really deeply sad.

Basically, the Museum of Broken Relationships is a place to which people have donated objects that symbolize a relationship they had. Next to the object you will not only be told how long the relationship lasted whether it was for a day, a week or 30 years but also get to read a little personal description.

Some of these descriptions are little summaries, others are poems and my favorite ones are just simple sentences that say it all (e.g.: A jersey of some sport, maybe basketball and the phrase “He was a player.”). It is all random, personal and somewhat magical as they take you to the most intimate part of some strangers feelings and the core of what they shared with their significant other at the time. You go through bitter statements to really sweet ones and it is just an emotional roller coaster! I urge everyone to go straight to Zagreb to see it.


What I liked the most about this museum was the overall message of hope and freedom. These objects were given by people wanting to let go, wanting to finally move on and leave pain and regrets behind. One of the features of the place was a “Confessional”, a large album in which every visitor could leave a comment, an experience, a signature, a drawing, anything really.

A few months ago I chose to forgive someone who hurt me really badly and as time goes by I can tell that I am healing slowly. However, I still have nightmares and quite often bitterness comes back and leaves this feeling of resentment and fear.What if I made a mistake by letting this person back into my life? What if the story repeats itself? There goes my positivity down the drain!

In my opinion, doubting is worse than anything, I took my decision and I just need to let go or I will never be able to fully forgive. In that perspective, I left a confession in the Museum’s album in hopes it will maybe help me move on as it is now exposed among other abandoned baggage. Writing my experience down felt like saying to myself that I am ready to stop reliving the past. Hopefully, this is going to turn out to be more than some wannabe symbolic moment haha

The Museum of Broken Relationships (MBR) is a great experience that is more than just sad stories and break-ups, and I can’t even put it all into words. I will just strongly suggest that you check it out as it is beautiful and different from anything that is out there!

There are two MBRs in the world, one in Zagreb and one in Los Angeles. However, exhibitions are held all around the world and you can visit their website on which you can have a look at some shared stories, share your own and even choose to contribute by sending an item. I am already planning on spending a lot of time on that website haha !!

I haven’t felt so excited about something in a while so I really wanted to share it with the world and while I am at it, I’ll share this song from the wonderfuly talented youtuber Dodie Clark.  Enjoy 🙂





Last Day of 2016: Just Some Thoughts

edit: Where I am it is still the 31st, 5pm 

To be honest I was starting to get sick of all the memes, status, and articles about how shit 2016 has been. I am not about to deny the fact that horrible things have happened. They have and I remember that I have been horrified, scared and saddened more than once this year.

However, I feel that the main thing that was wrong this year, compared to the ones preceding it, is the way the media sensationalized every bad thing, every crime, and every negative opinion.

2016 hasn't been the easiest of years so far.
I can’t deny that some of these memes, did make me laugh

I am not about to share my opinions on how the media functions or on what is going on in the political world because I honestly feel very ignorant on both fronts. Still, I wanted to express my frustration with this trend of bashing 2016! I don’t think any year is perfect, wars and revolutions and poverty have been going on for years and years however where there is bad, you can find good even on a small level.

Thus, originally I wanted to make my own little list of the good things that had happened in the world in 2016 (there are plenty!) but realized many people had the same idea as me (which is great!).

So instead I am just going to share three articles that list some of the good that 2016 provided. One I really like because it not only lists 99 Good Things That Happened in 2016 but also backs every point with an article, in order to look deeper into that positive matter. I didn’t see the point in repeating or copying what many other people have started to do, however, I am happy to point them out.

Right, Fuck it, I’m done with ‘OMG 2016 was terrible’, here’s some fucking awesome things that happened, you’re welcome, Merry fucking Christmas


take some time to look at the fucking good and beauty in this world, good shit is happening, learn it, support it, be part of it.

I just started this blog (still don’t know why btw) so not many people follow it. However, those that do or you, new reader, I would like to ask you to name a good thing that happened to you this year.

I refuse to believe that so many people experienced such bad 12months. I personally started this year with some serious money issues, a lot of stress regarding graduation, and without going so far as to say I experienced a certain level of depression, I know I have felt very unhappy for long periods at times where I didn’t want to do anything but hide in my room.

But here I am on the 31st of December 2016 and I can say this:

  • This year was significantly better than 2015 for me. I have had the luck to start it living in what had been my dream location for the past 5 to 6 years. Beautiful and sunny Australia.
  • I think I got very confused this year and I have let myself feel these things which I am grateful for because I feel that I got to know myself on a deeper level. (Still confused tho haha)
  • I have traveled a lot, I have met beautiful and loving people and I came back to another bunch of great people giving me the great joy of still making me feel like I have a home.
  • I have taken more risks. I am terrified of what is to come but I have no regrets. 2016 has given me a lot of excitement and paved the way to more of it in 2017.

So what about you? What are some positive things you will take away from this year? 

And also: What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?


I am sending loads of positive vibes your way!